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Link Management Assistant 1.21

No Image The "Link Management Assistant" totally automates your reciprocal link partner management, allowing you to focus entirely on securing more strategic link partners to increase your websites link popularity & search engine rankings. It`s also versatile enough to be used as a stand alone niche website directory management script.

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Link Melon 2.0

Link Melon Web Site Link Management Software, manage multiple website links easily and effectively, update lists of links without changing website code. Link Melon allows the user to develop link management strategies for websites that you link from your website. Link Melon creates the code that is required in your web page (.php and data files). Link Melon 2 takes Link Management to the next level of ease! W3C compliant HTML creator.

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001Micron Backlink Checker Software Backlink monitoring software effectively analyze website link popularity
001Micron Backlink Checker Software

Reciprocal link management software can easily seek out all type of links including reciprocal links, direct links, java script links and other links related to any of advertiser. Reciprocal link checker utility effectively manages and tracks advertiser website links on their publisher sites. Backlink checker software is an easy to use, efficient and link popularity tool analyzes reciprocal links on publisher sites.

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Automate Link Exchange 2.1.0: Software automate reciprocal link management, save time and get more traffic!
Automate Link Exchange 2.1.0

link exchange management, save time and get more traffic. Also, it helps to increase link popularity and search engine ranking. Features include auto link page generation/update, auto reciprocal link checking according to user-defined schedule, categorized link directory,multi-language, backup/restore,auto email notification, control how link partners` describe you, import existing link pages, rank site by user assigned rating and other combination

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Best NFL Players 1.0

Best NFL Players, password management software, ID and Link management tool. Manages all your ID`s, passwords and links. This incredible desktop application will manage all of your ID`s, passwords and affiliate links... As well as other details related to that account in one peice of software.

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Skalinks Links Management Script 1.5: Link management script with links checking and advanced ads system.
Skalinks Links Management Script 1.5

SkaLinks Exchange Script is modern and convenient script, which was specially created for arranging link categories on those sites that employ the reciprocal links exchange concept. Software features: script installer; links exchange; Advanced backlink verification; Open editors system; Multiple editors managing their own categories and links - build an open DMOZ-like directory; Permalink control.

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Reciprocal Link Checker Software Reciprocal link checker tool track advertiser URL on publisher website real time
Reciprocal Link Checker Software

Reciprocal link exchange management software is backlink analyzer utility that monitor inlink, inbound links, java script links and direct links of your websites on publisher site. Backlinks checker utility find out accurate reciprocal link status of your website and automatically inform to you by sending email if your link not found on publisher website. Backlink SEO tool save generated reciprocal report in Text or HTML file format.

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